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About SkimMe - The Peekaboo Shirttail

SkimMe founder Mary Lynn Carr fell in love with her first pair of leggings in the winter of 2017. But with no tunic or lengthy shirt or sweater to cover her crotch and butt, she decided to trim off the bottom half of a blouse, stitch it to the waistband of her husband’s boxers (after trimming off the boxer part), slip it up over her leggings, throw on a knit sweater, and try it out!

On vacation, she wore it up and down the plaza in Santa Fe – loving her leggings even more with her new accessory. After a year and a half of multiple iterations, fabric testing, and perfecting every detail, SkimMe – The Peekaboo Shirttail was introduced.

Made in America. When you purchase The Peekaboo Shirttail, you are investing in exceptional quality, reducing the carbon footprint, supporting fair labor practices and supporting the U.S. economy. The Peekaboo Shirttail is sewn with love in Houston, Texas.

Headquartered and manufactured in Houston, TX, SkimMe is dedicated to women who enjoy the comfort of leggings with a go-anywhere style.

 The Peekaboo Shirttail - Mary and Journey