The Peekaboo Shirttail

You'd live in leggings if you could. 

In the coffee shop, on the yoga mat, on the trail, over brunch. But sometimes leggings seem a little too casual, right? Now you don't have to give up comfort for go-anywhere style.

The Peekaboo Shirttail was created for you.

The Peekaboo Shirttail gives you just the right amount of coverage over your leggings and skinny jeans. With a little less southern exposure, you'll look exceptionally flirty.

No more bulky layers.

No more shapeless tunics, ride-up blouses or bulky layers that spoil your cute, comfortable look. Pull The Peekaboo Shirttail up over your leggings and you're ready to go anywhere.

The Peekaboo Shirttail