The Peekaboo Shirttail

The Peekaboo Shirttail was created for you.

The Peekaboo Shirttail gives you just the right amount of coverage over your leggings, skinny jeans and skirts. 

No more bulky layers.

No more shapeless tunics, ride-up blouses or bulky layers that spoil your cute, comfortable look. Simply step into the shirttail, slipping it around your waist and under your top. Voila! Enjoy the extra coverage allowing you to wear those shorter tops with ease and confidence.

Get that on-trend layered look with The Peekaboo Shirttail.

It's the wardrobe staple you never knew you needed!

The Peekaboo ShirttailPeekaboo Shirttail BluePeekaboo Shirttail GrayPeekaboo Shirttail Red

 Peekaboo Shirttail LavenderPeekaboo Shirttail Blue