The Look of a Button-Down Shirt without the Bulk.

Fashion, travel and mom of 4 blogger, Mireille @chezmireillefashiontravelmom, shares her fashion sensibility. 

"Would you like the look of a button-down shirt without the bulk? Here is where The Peekaboo Shirttail comes in."

"I have always liked the look on others, but anytime I have bought a button-down shirt, I end up donating it. Maybe I am buying the wrong style or size, but I have found the perfect solution for having the look, and it fits anyone!

"I am wearing my Peekaboo Shirttail in size medium, and it gives me coverage if I am wearing leggings or just adds interest and style with jeans! It is such a great solution if you need a little extra length too."
The Peekaboo ShirttailThe Peekaboo ShirttailThe Peekaboo Shirttail