How to Wear The Peekaboo Shirttail - Fall into Winter.


THE only shirttail extender you'll need for all your fall and winter layering styles.

The Peekaboo Shirttail is THE layering accessory under your tops and sweaters, with no added bulk and just enough length making it the ideal match for leggings, skinny jeans and skirts. Create the illusion of layers, where the hem of a button-down shirt peeks out from underneath your knitwear. With The Peekaboo Shirttail you get all style and no bulk! Our patent waistband is silky smooth - a full 2 inches wide - and lies comfortably and flat across your waist or hips.

The Peekaboo ShirttailThe Peekaboo ShirttailThe Peekaboo Shirttail